ladies networking high tea & bubbles

"Keep Calm and Drink Tea" Networking in Style | My friend Jenny and I co-hosted 40 ladies to a Saturday afternoon high tea at our house.  Sharing this up was such an excellent idea because not only do we get to share up the food preparation we also get to put two different groups of women together... Continue Reading →

wigs and afternoon tea

"Family | A Little Bit Crazy, Big Bit Loud & a Whole Lot of Love" On this occasion our afternoon tea was less about the food and decoration and more about getting together and simply having fun!  I was in the middle of chemotherapy so it was easy for me to pull the "I don't want to go... Continue Reading →

let’s party | niece’s girlie 30th

"Lord, Bless the food before us, the family beside us & the love between us. Amen". Bring a Raincoat | It all started with an invitation to my nieces, sister and mother and a few girlie friends.  Remember I have the only "poor" boy! The "e" invitation asked them to arrive a-la-naturale and bring a raincoat... Continue Reading →

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