brunch|down and dirty on eggs

I’m nothing if not consistent. Food always stays high on my agenda, and it is all about eggs this time!

While in Sydney recently, we were constantly looking out for a great brunch; our favourite meal of the day and our favourite time was “guts up” (as we would say). This always came hard on the back of much walking, great exhaustion and a total food spill.

And…if they ever tell you that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, so not true.  Walking through some gorgeous park in Lavender Hills, my eye bypassed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and made its way to some children’s party in the park (strange that), and I saw a sign which read “yay”.  I called out, a little overly excited, “so that is how you spell yay…not yah”. My son flashed me one of those looks…that look when he cannot quite believe I actually said that (whatever that is), and he added, “so that is what you meant all those times you texted me saying yah”?  “I just thought you were being an idiot”.  Seriously…after all the love and kindness we give our kids, this is what they give back. So for every yah I have written in the past, please now know (assuming, of course, you didn’t already) that it was meant to mean yay! I keep seeing “yay” as a deliberate reminder of my stupidity.

Let’s not stray from the point of my blog…and that is eggs! We are total egg snobs, and if you are going to have a brunch, honestly, you expect it to be an incredible egg!

Interestingly, an egg is a New Zealand slang word for someone acting like a dumbass, clown or idiot. Which really is a little fitting for the point of this story.

I love the quirkiness of those smaller, more intimate cafes which offer something just a little different.  The PCP  in Surry Hills offered a soft baked and crumbed poached egg (slightly running as it is meant to be).  How amazing does this look and something I am sure we can quickly whip up in the kitchen with a bit of effort and imagination? On the side, they had a dollop of peanut butter and Vegemite, blended together and while not entirely to my liking, interesting nonetheless for the Vegemite diehards.

IMG_9595Photo | PCP Sydney in Surry Hills, soft poached egg coated in a light batter and deep-fried! 

Photo | the Vegemite and peanut butter dollop! Doesn’t look great, does it?

IMG_9590Photo | the teapot and cups just make everything a little more interesting.

My favourite breakfast of all was at a place called  Fable in Darlinghurst.  The best breakfast I have ever had, and I am not joking!!! Simply bursting with flavours that merely tasted delicious!

IMG_9683Photo |Fable Coffee Sydney sumac free-range bacon bruschetta with roasted apple puree, heirloom beetroot, fresh avocado, fresh cherry tomato, tarragon infused Pepe Says creme fraiche, Hilltops organic poached eggs.  Seriously good and only $16.50!!!

IMG_9685Photo |Fable Coffee Sydney Hilltop organic poached eggs on toast with house-pickled radish, spring leaves and hand made almond dukkah.  

fullsizeoutput_1df8Photo | Breakfast rolls on the go from  Omeio Artisan Deli, a lovely delicatessen located in Paddington offering fresh bread and pastries and wholesome, yummy breakfast to go. Run by some charming young Greek guy. 

We grabbed a takeaway (egg on the go) on this gloriously sunny day. As we sat in the warmth of the park, a cute little dog made his way under my legs for some mother comfort (well, so I thought), then I heard my son’s laughter ring out in the park, and as he squeals with delight, he says “the dog just pissed on your shoes”(my new shoes, purchased a day earlier).  Good old Mum, still amusing her son in whatever cheap way she can!

My new and “pissed on” shoes aside, nothing beats a great burger, and this was a great burger perfect for that brunch bordering on lunch and well away from parks and dogs and sons lacking good manners.

IMG_9557Photo |Reubens Hills Cafe & Roastery in Surry Hills offered this amazing Dirty Bird Spiced Grilled Chicken, tomato salsa, manchego, pickled slaw and chipotle aioli. They also provided a “Really F*#king Great Fried Chicken” which was a little hilarious and totally in keeping with the venue.

IMG_9689Photo | A casual little Swedish Cafe, Fika Swedish Kitchen in Manly.  I loved these words as they say everything close to my heart.

When we weren’t eating, I was being dragged around the hilly streets of Sydney by my son and husband.  I cannot tell you how many photos I took of the two of them walking, almost as if they had forgotten me! It reminded me of the book I read to my son as a child, “Where’s Wally”, and the only thing missing was my red and white striped shirt! Boys…seriously, give me an incredible egg any day.

IMG_9709Photo | A day in my life of “Where’s Wally”, the only problem is you have to be looking, to find! 

client brunch at home

Girls & Champagne always go Together|We hosted a staff and client brunch at our house!  Strangely enough, all women again!  The focus was on the dining table which was laid out with gorgeous delicate brunch-style foods and the kitchen stone bench played host to the champagne (again I always seem to put girls and champagne together) teas, coffees and chocolate.


I downloaded some French cafe style music to create a light atmosphere (my son always negotiates with me that he will stay and help with some entertainment if I allow him to put his music on in the background…fortunately it is not all bad and mostly nordic so I can live with that).

Our company colours were green and purple so of course, all the theming and food was styled around these colours.

Needless to say, what a great bunch of women and a fabulous brunch.