at the heart of it

Adornment what a science! Beauty what a weapon! Modesty what elegance”!

-Coco Chanel

Join my rambling ideas and total creative dump on home entertaining. Let’s share affordable, fabulous and unique home entertaining ideas.

We all have our style and way of doing things, and we all need to stay true to our style (which I confess mine can sometimes be excessive).  We are all unique and yet not necessarily original. Our ideas are primarily generated from something we have seen or something we admire.  Check out if anything interests you, and then turn these ideas into your own!  Naturally, you will find over the top entertaining ideas, and yet you will also find simple and down to earth ideas.  Regardless of the style, home entertaining is always undertaken with love, and nobody needs an excuse to share great times with friends and family.

This blog is more than just sharing ideas and photos.  It serves as a constant reminder that we need to have fun, we need to laugh, and we need to continue having those conversations with girlfriends over coffee and cake.  Laughter is the best medicine, and friendship is the best healing.   I believe that we are never indeed ourselves until we can sit with a girlfriend and share ideas and share some of life’s ups and downs. Nurture your mind and be kind to yourself.  Sit with a girlfriend, have a coffee (and cake) and share!

Nothing is set in stone. Everything is flexible!  Just stay authentic and genuine!

Hopefully, the passion for entertaining burns just as brightly for you as it does in my heart and house!

Together we can share such greatness!

Debbie-Ann Scott


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