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“Keep your heels, head & standards high”.  

-Coco Chanel

I am new to blogging and yet I am certainly not new to events.  I have managed some of the most exciting and challenging events over the past 30 years.

It has become apparent to me over the years that some of us are blessed with the ability to play sport.  Sadly for me, I am not one of those people.  I would jump over the gym block at school and get stuck on top of the box, I have never been able to touch my toes (not quite sure what the point to that is anyway), I would rather stick pins in my eyes than watch a game of football (which I know makes me very un-Australian) and I could never hang from the monkey bars upside down or for that matter even the right way up.  I realised at a very early age that I basically sucked at sport and I have since spent the rest of my life looking for that one sport that we are all meant to all be good at (actually in truth I haven’t tried very hard).

My enthusiasm however is not dissimilar to that of my husband when watching a game of football.  I hear him making the same sounds I make when eating a great dessert (a “when Harry Met Sally” kind of moment).  I am not a complete loser because I have watched a couple of football games (from a fully catered private box with some ordinary cold mince pie which could never be labelled gourmet).

I am thankful that I also realised that playing sport and getting injured was rather a pointless exercise and not such a big deal! Fortunately my creativity saves me.  I have an abundance of creative energy.  I am capable of creating wonderful images in my head and this has resulted in me focussing solely on the creative.

Let me not digress.  This blog is intended to be a full on creative dump. The kind of dump that I have with my sister and girlfriends on so many occasions when we want to share in the light and often  fabulous part of living. It is intended to include anything from plated dinner ideas, crockery, table accessories, table-scapes, flowers, table-styling, themed parties and basically anything and everything which allows us to put our hearts and soul into something special.

My husband is the sporty kind of man which in turn makes him totally uncreative.  Ying and Yang!   Our son has always hated parties and I still struggle to see how I could have given birth to an only child who hates a party.   He grew up around all my events and way too often threw a sickie so that I would have to take him with me to each event.  I would often find him on the stage singing or drawing prizes (often his own ticket) enjoying the free children’s rides, or sitting in my hotel room ordering his forth room service, learning how to play black jack on the TV (further demonstrating why I deserved Mother of the Year).  I suspect this might have spoilt him for what he viewed as smaller and less significant occasions.

He enjoys cooking (and fortunately for me the mess he now makes is made in his home not ours).  His father is another story!  He once cooked us a spaghetti bolognese only for us to find that he had made it using dog mince (fortunately we found the packet in the bin as he was about to serve up and I now know the true meaning of a dogs breakfast).

So this blog is all about family and friends.  Nothing gives me greater joy than spending time with people I love and truly care about. It is all about the small things which truly matter, about creating lasting impressions, about memorable entertaining and about simply being awesome!

I am compulsive, impulsive and basically addicted to creativity and entertaining!  Everything from ordinary to extraordinary!

I hope that my blogging brings some joy to your life, that it encourages you to open your home more often to the people around you who bring with them sunshine and happiness.  Opening up your home and your heart always leads to greater happiness, fulfilment and purpose!

The passion and creativity burns just as strong as the day I started in Event Management.  Thank you for indulging me and sharing some of that passion!

I could talk entertaining all day and all night, so let’s get to it!

Debbie-Ann Scott

My Event Background

“You live but once; you might as well be amusing”. 

-Coco Chanel

A Life of Events

For 30 years I owned and ran a special event management business.  Over those years  we staged just about every type of indoor and outdoor event imaginable, from bridal expos, pet expos, gala balls and dinners to cocktail parties, children’s carnivals, craft fairs, luxury car launches, hotel openings to a gold mine opening for Alan Bond.

I compered fashion parades and bridal expos and for a time I was a feature writer for a weekend newspaper, whereby I had a dedicated 2 page editorial, dedicated to everything bridal.

For the past 15 years my company specialised in managing business events, conferences and exhibitions.  Like most Event Managers, I worked tirelessly and often ridiculous hours and yet I can honestly say that there was never a day whereby I did not look forward to going to work.

I sold my business in 2016 and now find myself enjoying cups of tea and coffee with girlfriends (let’s not forget the cake) and doing things I never had the time to do before.  My life has been enriched in ways I never expected.  I have switched from major events to intimate at home events for the family and friends and simply loving the change.

Painting in my art room is my time of great tranquility, peace and calm.

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