“Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place”.


Like so many women, my earlier diagnosis of an invasive breast cancer resulted in me and my family’s life being picked up and  turned upside down.

Any life threatening diagnosis can be both challenging and frightening at the same time.  Both my sister (pictured here with me) and I followed in the same diagnosis as our Grand Mother and Auntie.  Sadly as time goes on more of our friends are facing a similar or different diagnosis.  For many it is a time when your  life becomes a stark reality.

I recognised early into my diagnosis that I could not afford to focus soley on the health challenges which lay ahead.  I had to leave my body and treatment in the hands of the professionals so that I could take care of my mind.

I drew strength from my family, friends and in particular my sister and girlfriends (hence sister4sister) who I continue to waste an enormous amount of time with and often talking food. I found great comfort in chats over coffee and cake with a girlfriend or two. I still do!

This blog is dedicated to any woman facing her own personal health or life challenge.  It is a gift of sisterhood and a constant reminder that it is these friendships which simply make us better people and makes us stronger.

This blog is designed to bring together women with a shared passion for entertaining at home, done with ease, fun and creativity. We need to give ourselves permission to take our minds to a more enjoyable place.  No better time to talk about the heart of entertaining while also remembering to be there for our sisters when they need you!

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”. Coco Chanel

Art | Women & Their Silent Courage

I had been painting for twenty years and yet it was not until my breast cancer diagnosis that I started painting women.  My sister’s grand daughter continued to express a love of these new paintings, telling me that they weren’t sad, they were simply  expressing themselves.  Charli has become my art critic, the only one who’s comments I truly care about.

My paintings are never intended to be necessarily sad, in fact they were not intended with any purpose at the time, other than to paint what I felt.   Looking back I was inspired to capture the true essence of a woman, demonstrating both her strength,   courage  and at the same time capturing her inner beauty.









Charli | Art Critic 


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