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I adore great  homewares & accessories and yet I am always seeing much of the same. So when I recently fell across a gorgeous home ware & accessories  store, Ondene in Double Bay, Sydney it was hard not to get just a little bit excited.

Talking excitement | It wasnt that long ago that my niece suggested that both my sister and I maybe had ADHD (so we already share a love of Ottolenghi and breast cancer, so seriously what is one more thing)! You might well ask why I drop the big “BC” in from time to time…it is simple…to serve as a constant reminder to you all to stay on top of your mammograms and great take care of yourself…which has always been and quite possibly continues to be the only true purpose behind my blogging, camouflaged as incessant food chatter.

“When it rains look for RAINBOWS.  When it’s dark look for STARS”.

At first I wasn’t totally comfortable being handed yet another label, but then I didn’t much care because I know our niece loves us both equally and it was never intended as a criticism more an observation.  Regardless, I thought about what she had said and decided that if this is the label we get for being mindfully energetic, doing with our minds what our body is way less inclined to do, gymnastics, then so be it.  So my sister and I love creativity in any form and we are constantly looking for something new to challenge us, and yet rather than this being viewed as something positive it can be viewed as an unhealthy hyperactivity and labelled as some medical condition.

It does however make me question why we are all so quick to try to hang labels on our behaviour!  I love shopping. I love homewares. I love clothes and so the love just keeps on pouring out all over the shop…so does this mean I am a shopaholic or does it simply mean I am passionate when it comes to gorgeous things?

Interestingly, I googled shopaholic the other day to see if I had any of the same traits.  Remarkably, I almost got a perfect score.  So now I have ADHD…and I am a shopaholic! So help me if I start reading up on people who need to hang all the same colours together in their wardrobe, or store their spice jars in alphabetical order!

I love and adore my family, my friends, and I can become equally obsessive when it comes to that, and yet there doesn’t appear to be a medical label for excessive matters of the heart. Why is that?

As always I hate to digress, but lets digress anyway…after all I am hyperactive remember. My sister and I recently undertook a spring clean of our mother’s bedroom. Something which could only have been done when your Mother is in hospital having a full hip replacement and incapable of moving (at 87 I am still so totally in awe of her having had her hip done).

We ruthlessly tossed away bottles of unopened perfumes and handbags (after all surely you only need about 10 good handbags, so the other 20 odd start to become somewhat obsolete).

As the clean sweep progressed, so did my self-awareness that somehow and at sometime I had morphed into my mother. I adore my mother, so maybe this is not such a bad thing.  Seriously why is it we think she has a problem just because she stashed away 30 plus handbags (and the rest but I am doing my best to be nice here). Does it really matter in the bigger scheme of things? Can’t we just be happy being who we are and accept these little habits, obsessions, delights, however we want to describe them. Surely they can simply be attributed to who we are as people.  It is these things which define us, rather than label us! The way I see it, is simple, if it makes you happy and it feeds your soul or the soul of others, then embrace it. If it makes you feel somewhat anxious, then maybe, just maybe you need to give it a little kind attention.

Now back to earth | another one of my obsessions, homewares. I adored the earthy heartiness of these Danish ceramics pictured below and I am little frustrated that I did not purchase any and bring them home with me to add to our already heavily (maybe obsessive) range of plates and serving trays.  That said, I am sure I can find a little more space…just might need to move the other half out!

Photo |Ondene Transvaal, Double Bay, New South Wales. A Nordic range by  K. H. Wurtz (an internationally sought-after Father and Son team of studio ceramics, located in Horsens, Denmark. Exclusively sold in Australia at Ondene.

Photo | Ondene carries another gorgeous range by Rina Menardi, Italy.
Photo | Another piece by Rina Menardi, Italy available at Ondene, Sydney.

 Photo | K. H. Wurtz Go see for yourself just how wonderful they are  | There is something so fabulous about the tools, colours and textures all sitting so harmoniously together on their website.

Photo | taken from K.W.Kurtz website.  It reminds me of that utterly sexy scene from the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore getting down and dirty in clay. This was one of my best movie scenes and soundtrack of all time. Maybe I am getting old when I start to think potting is the new sexy!

My time to get down and dirty | So it is only to be expected that I now want desperately to do a ceramic class. When I told my sister, she said “but you know you won’t be content making an ashtray…you will want to make a full dinner set”. I wasn’t quite sure what point she was trying to make, because of course I want to make a full dinner set (who smokes anyway)! I enrolled and started my first lesson today!  Stay posted, you never know what fabulous things I might come up with, or be warned, you might never know what you might get for your birthday.

IMG_0013Photo | This photo was taken today at my first pottery lesson (SO not sexy). When I asked Graham Hay, my instructor where the potting wheel was located, he said “we are a ghost free studio”. Oh seriously…what have I let myself in for!

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