tip | removing candle wax & water stains

Tip 1 | When candle wax falls on your stone bench (as it did in my case), your first thought is, my bench is ruined.  Naturally I had purchased dripless candles (dripless my foot) and by the end of the evening the wax was all over the bench top (so nasty).

Possibly you already know how to resolve this, and yet despite the many years I have on my odometer, I didn’t!  There might be a reason my husband calls me “Mrs Google” and yet, thankfully for google the day was saved.

Google | to the rescue.  I scraped (ever so carefully) the excess wax off the bench top with a blunt knife (in my case a butter knife). Then I placed paper towels directly on top of the wax and put a warm iron on top of the paper towels. I continued to do this until all the wax melted its little way onto the paper towels.  BTW…paper towels are my best friend in the kitchen! I can’t move sideways without grabbing a paper towel for one thing or another.

It worked! I restored our stone bench. p.s. my sister said she does this (who needs Google when you have a sister), and yet she uses a brown paper bag!  Clearly you can use either, and yet I don’t find too many paper bags in my house, whereas I can find a cupboard full of paper towels.

IMG_8885 Photo | my trusted paper towels and iron did the trick!

Tip 2| It was only a year earlier, that I awoke to a water stain on our dining room table (a dinner party and tea pot can do this).  I don’t do stains well and thought the table would need to be put out on the next verge pick up.  

Fortunately before I had time to do this (and the table is a tad heavy), I googled and found on YouTube that there were a number of videos showing you how to iron the water stain out of your table.  I could not believe it!  I considered sending the table out to the ironers (just kidding…remember it is too heavy) and it worked just like magic.

IMG_1144Photo | With stain and photo below post stain!

The only difference with the water stain, was that I had to cover the stain with a tea towel and then with a steam iron and iron away (I started ever so slowly)!  I so wished I had taken a video of myself doing this, so that I too could join the world on YouTube.  And yet I wasn’t quite sure how to handle an iron in one hand and my iPhone in the other.   Trust me it works! Our table was saved for another occasion.

I am going to buy my husband one off those t-shirts that reads “I don’t need Google, I have my wife”. 💋


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