the wild unknown world of reiki

Elaine my friend and Usui Reiki Practitioner gave my body and mind one hour of sheer bliss today! I never really understood Reiki until very recently when I now get to experience it every second week in Elaine’s, The Peace Practice studio in North Perth.

Each time I call in for my little bit of magic, Elaine has introduced something small but something special. Today she had drawn a card, especially for me from her Animal Spirit pack of cards. I am so in love with these cards, especially more so now that she drew the oyster and I got to read what it means.

Reiki Image

OYSTER | Patient – Secret-Keeper, Keeping Inner Treasures

The focus and the determination of the oyster are unmatched. Anything an oyster personality puts their mind to, they achieve with grace and charm. The only problem is, that the oyster type often takes their inner gifts for granted. They become shy or doubtful, and this can lead to withdrawing or protecting their deepest desires and life’s work. When the oyster card appears it’s important to reveal your inner treasures. What is it you’ve been hesitant to share? The world is waiting to see.

When in balance: feels blessed, generous, and masterful | When out of balance: reluctant, gripping “clams up” | To bring into balance: share something

I so totally love that card and I cannot believe that this card was drawn the day after my blog went live. I might add with some reluctance! I now plan to go forward in the hope that I can un-tap some of that magic and share it with you.

I purchased a set of these cards from Elaine to give them as a gift to my niece Laura. Well sorry Laura, I could not stop myself from breaking the pack open to see what else I could find.

Elaine Image


3 thoughts on “the wild unknown world of reiki

  1. Thank you so much Debbie Ann – I am so excited to see you share your Oyster’s pearl in this beautiful new blog! In awe of your inspiration and your celebration of life through your home, your heart and your table ❣️


  2. How beautiful the Peace Practice sounds… I so would love to visit, if only to just see the lovely Elaine and have the opportunity to draw a special card of my own. Sounds a special place.

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