the perfect mother’s day gift

“The bags under my eyes are CHANEL”. 

-Coco Chanel

We tell our children that the only thing we want for Mother’s Day is a card, and yet what we mean is, please just don’t forget me!

So when my son’s Mother’s Day gift arrived in the mail (let’s not mention a few days late … ) I was thrilled to find the perfect gift. The card and his heartfelt words always warm my heart (and I am just a little bit relieved that he has stopped giving me Easter cards for Mother’s Day and Christmas cards for Easter)!

More than just a Book | The title of the book resonated with me immediately.  The book told me that he not only loves me but he knows me so well and both are equally as important to me.  “The Kinfolk Table | Recipes for Small Gatherings”, by Nathan Williams … just perfect!

What I love even more is the blurb on the inside front cover where they talk in a language that is also close to my heart.  They talk about discovering the simple pleasures of a shared meal.  The Kinfolk is about good food, but it is just as much about opening up the table to the people around you.

I cannot wait to read this book from cover to back and I cannot wait to try a few of the recipes!


Gift in-situ | on the dining room table of course!

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