uproarious family christmas

“Never sacrifice these three things:  your family, your heart, or your dignity” 


The Bigger the Better| Each year our family Christmas Dinner grows.  This year we had 31 for a buffet dinner.  For me the bigger the merrier and that is just my side of the family.  I love it!  It is never a quiet occasion and I suspect the neighbours might well  leave home to escape the noise.

Everyone brings a shared plate.  I prepare the baked ham and roast turkey breast and my other half and I prepare dessert.  He can actually bake a mean pavlova.  The only problem he is his limited attention span in the kitchen.  By the time he has added  the  3 ingredients he has already started to lose interest. So when it comes to preparing the cream, fruit and fluffing it all up, it is often left to me.  I let him take the credit, after all it is all about the pav isn’t it!

Our buffet is always filled with loads of roast vegetables and delicious salads.  Our dessert is always finished with our signature pavlova (which now means 2-3 pavlovas) all topped with festive fruits.

Our indoor easily takes in the outdoor and we erect a 3rd temporary table in between  the two. All seated side by side, inside and out to accommodate the cast of a thousand.



Bringing a Game into Play | The highlight of the night is our Secret Santa. My Son brought this idea back from Copenhagen with him.  We have loved it ever since and it simply means that our noisy gathering just got a whole lot louder.

We place our wrapped Secret Santa gifts in the centre of the tables (remember three tables for us on this occasion) and everyone takes it  in turn to throw the dice. As soon as someone gets a 6 they select a gift from the centre of the table.  This continues until all the gifts have been taken.  There are a few problems with this game and that is my Mother who takes them even when she hasn’t thrown a 6 and tucks them under her seat, my Father who pulls the 90 year old card and takes one or two when he feels it is warranted and naturally my Son who I have since learned had his own dice in play.

Once certain members of the family have cheated and all gifts have been taken, a timer is set for a specific number of minutes, and nobody other than the official timer knows just how many minutes (oddly enough it is my Son who has appointed himself the timer).   As soon as the timer is set everyone starts throwing the dice again.  As soon as a 6 is thrown they can take someone else’s gift.  I am sure by now you can picture the utter mayhem in our house as everyone is racing from table to table, falling over each other, screaming and knocking off the the best wrapped gift in the house.

Just Another Normal Family | We have such a multicultural family these days and I love that about our family.  We have a few countries not yet represented so there is no pressure whatsoever on those still unmarried!

Tip:  Introduce a game to your Christmas Dinner!  It is so much fun!

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