same vase | 4 looks

“Be Different | Be Yourself”.

Use your favourite entertaining pieces and then reuse them again! Using a favourite item makes for a reliable entertaining piece.  I bring the same pieces to each occasion and just change them up a little so that they suit the theme or the occasion.

Bold & Versatile | This vase has been one of my favourites which gets used time and time again.  It is glass, clear and bold.  Baubles get thrown into it at Christmas time (I just adore a massive clear bowl filled with beautiful glass baubles), and white orchids often find their way in there along with an assortment of other flowers which best suits the occasion.  Right now the glass bowl is playing host to 8 eight goldfish (our house became instantly stagnant post the death of our dog Bo, hence the need to create some much-needed movement again).  They look ever so pretty and they are located under the staircase where Bo’s bed used to be.


Going Fishing | I researched the correct number of goldfish for a small bowl to create lucky feng shui energy in our home.  Number nine is meant to be the most auspicious (and while I would love 9 in the bowl I feel that we have already potentially overcrowded the bowl with 8). If you can accommodate 9 fish then remember to also include one black coloured fish (black moor) as this creates energy and good fortune. The blackfish also absorbs any negative energy and becomes a symbol of protection.  Remember, if the blackfish dies then it was possibly because it absorbed negative energy which was headed your way.  You should remove it immediately and give it a respectful burial and replace it as quickly as possible.  If you don’t believe me check out

9 the Luckiest | As for us 8 fish, they represent money and abundance.  I still prefer the meaning of 9 fish, being long life and the luckiest, so in time I suggest we might invest in a bigger bowl and welcome a new fish into our home.  Money and abundance just feel me feel as if the meaning is lacking a little heart.






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