special little things

“Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them”.  

Author:  Anna Taylor

Small Things | Big Difference : Everyone has their own special little things they receive or collect along the way.  It is these little things which can often make the big difference.  I have a few items which I have collected either locally or when travelling and they provide such pleasure being able to pull them out from time to time to create a different mood.

The hand blown candle holders I purchased in Melbourne and they have been pulled out and used in so many different ways over the time.  They operate with candle oil which is a safe and lovely soft glow.  These go out on loan often for friend’s weddings and social function.



Bauble Delight | I build on my bauble supply each and every year.  Also great quality glass ones, which naturally need to be treated and stored with great care.  Baubles don’t only have to be for Christmas, they can be rolled out and used for other special occasions as well.


Christmas Trees in Shapes and Sizes | My paper fold out Christmas Trees are a favourite of mine.  I also roll out the silver table runner for most occasions to add a touch of bling.



Creating your own Display | The black wire stands are always in use when we entertain.  I have them in three different heights and they simply provide for a more interesting stye of service.  I knocked the idea of elevation off from Ottolenghi’s tiered style of buffet, however these are a little more delicate than the more rustic look of Ottolenghi.  I purchased these from Table Culture Subiaco, another of my favourite shops.


Pots Indoor & Out | These Seralunga pots are used both inside and outside at our house.  Mostly they are filled with permanent potted plants however I have a few which are kept purely for decorative purposes.



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