baby shower | in the pink

“Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it is!


Girls in Pink | Girls are just so easy when it comes to theming.  Pink, tulle and anything soft and pretty.  As a Mum of an “only boy”, he has had to suffer over the years with my abundance of softness and tulle! I think back to the years when he would awake to a trail of lollies from the foot of his bed to wherever his birthday presents were hiding. All beautifully wrapped of course (naturally he would later repay me for my gorgeousness by wrapping my presents in toilet paper as a joke…boys seriously).  Let’s not even get me started on his version of the “chocolate fondue” ensemble he put together one year which also involved a pair of worn undies!

Tip:  Stick to doing girlie style events!



Perfect Marshmallow | I had never made “homemade marshmallows” until Mila’s Baby Shower.  If this is something you have not done, give it a go!  There is nothing more fabulous than a soft gooey marshmallow and strangely enough, the texture makes it great fun to work with.  I used a heart-shaped cutter to make the marshmallows look a little like a piece of heaven and of course a touch of pink food colouring.  They went perfectly well with the chocolate fountain (don’t forget to add vegetable oil to your chocolate so that it pours more easily) and fresh strawberries.   Such a gorgeous gooey indulgence.


Tea Service AreaMy crockery inventory mostly consists of white and white so the gorgeous little teapot and cups I borrowed from my sister.  I lend out my items to friends often when they ask, so don’t feel afraid to ask a friend if they can maybe help provide some support to your special event.


Tutus | I googled how to make these online.  They were easier than I thought.  I made them while sitting in front of the television.  They adorned the lolly jar and the back of the bar stools.  They adorned Mila’s baby room afterwards!


Mannequins | Find a prop you love working with!  These mannequins belong to a friend Lindy and I would love to find a few just like this myself.  I have however been given a couple of new ones which I dress at Christmas and add to any delicate table setting.  I have a box of ribbons on standby and I also purchase different hearts as and when I find them.  I am a heart, skull and roses kind of girl but I don’t think the skull idea would work well here.


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