be there for your girlfriend

“A strong woman stands up for herself.  A Stronger woman stands up for others.”


Easy Entertaining Together | A friend was flat out at work and struggling to find the time to put her birthday party together, so I offered to help her.   It wasn’t difficult because I had the shopping list/action plan from my earlier birthday party and we were able to modify much of the information and replicate it in a way it was especially hers.

I won’t tell you which birthday it was for that would be disrespectful of me!  That said, she was born almost six months after me so I suggest that makes her younger.


Bringing Indoors Out |She has a gorgeous dining room table (to match her personality) which opens directly onto a large outdoor entertaining space.  The table enabled all my plates and platters and her massive cheese boards to sit perfectly together and in great harmony. Remember my earlier suggestion, you don’t have to go out and buy these things if you can borrow from a friend.

Her dining table was filled with cheeses, dips, antipasto, fruits, nuts, baguettes, and rolls, baked ham, mini gourmet burgers and the best assortment of gourmet dried biscuits I had ever seen (great shopping friend).  Her stone bench top was used to display cakes and dessert.

Tip:  Invest in great cheese boards!  They can be used in so many wonderful ways!






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