a dinner with ottolenghi

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner … not |I have every one of Ottolenghi’s cookbooks.  I adore his food and his presentation.  Soon after breast cancer treatment, I found I wanted to open up my home again to our friends and celebrate the end of chemotherapy (well worth a celebration trust me).

I wasn’t yet fully ready to entertain 12 guests and do all the cooking, so we all pitched in and put together a menu from an Ottolenghi cookbook and each couple brought a plate to the buffet (since then we have done this a few times and not only at our house but others have jumped onto the idea).  So much easier and so much more fun because you are sharing the glory and we can all talk food all night (well almost all night).

I decorated the table in Ottolenghi style and I had to make the dessert (his sweet salty cherry cheesecake is delicious).










One thought on “a dinner with ottolenghi

  1. I was one of the lucky friends to attend this amazing dinner party! It was the most sensational night and I can highly recommend to anyone to concept the idea of getting guests “to bring a plate”. It takes that idea to a whole other level. It was a lovely collaborative experience from go to whoa and wonderful to be a part of such a feast and celebration ! And – may I also say – you should try the deconstructed cheesecake from Ottolenghi that we had as dessert – I will never forget it!!!!! Xx


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