let’s party | niece’s girlie 30th

“Lord, Bless the food before us, the family beside us & the love between us. Amen”. 


Bring a Raincoat | It all started with an invitation to my nieces, sister and mother and a few girlie friends.  Remember, I have the only “poor” boy! The “e” invitation asked them to arrive a-la-natural and bring a raincoat (which served no purpose at all other than to put my nosey nieces off track (and it worked…well, almost had it not been for suspicious Danielle).

The afternoon was far more than just champagne and afternoon tea (how ordinary that would have been).  The afternoon was filled with so much fun and laughter and included:

Champagne on arrival

A dedicated laughter session with a professional laughter guru

Makeup lesson (all makeup provided and laid out on the dining table naturally)

Dress up session (I provided a rack of clothes suitable for a glam photographic session and jewellery to adorn their gorgeous necks)

Each had a personal photographic session in our “small” garden with a professional photographer

Naturally, the afternoon finished with an afternoon tea, coffee and loads of laughter.







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