chanel inspired afternoon tea party

“Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word”.

A Chanel inspired High Tea was exactly what I wanted to celebrate my big “60” with 100 family and friends. I simply adore everything Chanel!

Inviting Guests | I hand painted a Chanel inspired painting, which my clever sister, Michelle then photographed and turned into an invitation. My Mother was later given the original framed painting as a gift and it now hangs in her bedroom.


The Buffet goes French | The house was filled with food, family and friends, just perfect.  The stone bench-top played host to the “French Cheese Buffet” and we had 4 massive wheels of French cheeses, fruits, nuts, assortment of dried biscuits, french bread sticks, olives, antipasto, dips, and a massive baked ham to  feed the mass.  Later we served pulled beef with onion jam in french brioche rolls.

Glorious Desserts | The dining table was filled with gorgeous homemade cakes and desserts by dessert queen Ellie Saleeba.  Everything was naturally themed around Chanel, pearls and roses.  Bottles of Chanel perfume were also placed  around the dessert table to further enhance the theme.  Everything beautiful except for the jar of lollies I found later which had been planted there by my son..argh boys (I suspect that was marginally better than the jar of vegemite that he tried to disguise on the table earlier).

Champagne and Bubbles | Needless to say, we served Tattinger!  It just didn’t seem right to serve anything other than French for a Chanel party. I had some stubby holders produced to carry through the artwork of the invitation and while the blokes clearly struggled with the concept of drinking their beer in a gorgeous Chanel inspired stubby holder, it did not stop them from drinking.









Grey Background-0578





Grey Background-0574







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  1. And what a day it was! A true celebration of Debbie- Anne. I was honoured to be included in this gorgeous day- and to receive a copy of your wonderful book. D, you are an inspiration 💋 I always leave our catch ups feeling energised, inspired and loved ❤️


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