the perfect mother’s day gift

"The bags under my eyes are CHANEL".  -Coco Chanel We tell our children that the only thing we want for Mother's Day is a card, and yet what we really mean is, please just don't forget me! So when my son's Mother Day's gift arrived in the mail (let's not mention a few days late ...... Continue Reading →

a sparkling new year…

We enjoyed a New Year's Eve party at our house for about 60 guests.  We made it a Cocktail Party which ran from 7pm-11pm so that they could party here and then happily see the New Year in at home.  I often hear people say that what they dislike most about a New Year's Eve... Continue Reading →

same vase | 4 looks

"Be Different | Be Yourself". Use your favourite entertaining pieces and then reuse again! Using a favourite item makes for a reliable entertaining piece.  I bring the same pieces into each occasion and just change them up a little so that they suit the theme or the occasion. Bold & Versatile | This vase has been one of... Continue Reading →

uproarious family christmas

"Never sacrifice these three things:  your family, your heart, or your dignity" The Bigger the Better| Each year our family Christmas Dinner grows.  This year we had 31 for a buffet dinner.  For me the bigger the merrier and that is just my side of the family.  I love it!  It is never a quiet occasion... Continue Reading →

ladies networking high tea & bubbles

"Keep Calm and Drink Tea" Networking in Style | My friend Jenny and I co-hosted 40 ladies to a Saturday afternoon high tea at our house.  Sharing this up was such an excellent idea because not only do we get to share up the food preparation we also get to put two different groups of women together... Continue Reading →

wigs and afternoon tea

"Family | A Little Bit Crazy, Big Bit Loud & a Whole Lot of Love" On this occasion our afternoon tea was less about the food and decoration and more about getting together and simply having fun!  I was in the middle of chemotherapy so it was easy for me to pull the "I don't want to go... Continue Reading →

special little things

"Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them".   Author:  Anna Taylor Small Things | Big Difference : Everyone has their own special little things they receive or collect along the way.  It is these little things which can often make the... Continue Reading →

a dinner with ottolenghi

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ... not |I have every one of Ottolenghi's cookbooks.  I absolutely adore his food and his presentation.  Soon after breast cancer treatment I found I wanted to open up my home again to our friends and celebrate the end of chemotherapy (well worth a celebration trust me). I wasn't yet fully... Continue Reading →

be there for your girlfriend

"A strong woman stands up for herself.  A Stronger woman stands up for others." -thelittlemarket Easy Entertaining Together | A friend was flat out at work and struggling to find the time to put her birthday party together, so I offered to help her.   It wasn't difficult because I had the shopping list/action plan from my... Continue Reading →

client brunch at home

Girls & Champagne always go Together|We hosted a staff and client brunch at our house!  Strangely enough, all women again!  The focus was on the dining table which was laid out with gorgeous delicate brunch style foods and the kitchen stone bench played host to the champagne (again I always seem to put girls and... Continue Reading →

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